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亚搏体育app客户端_粤媒:蒋光太驰援国足进倒计时 短期内恐再无新归化

   Naturalized players become a hot topic again


A few days ago, FIFA formally adopted the "Player Conversion Membership Amendment Program", which also means that Jiang Guangtai (Guangzhou Evergrande), Hou Yongyong (Beijing Guoan), and Xiao Taotao (Kunshan FC) with Chinese blood will soon be represented in the national football team. Eligibility to play.


   After the establishment of the new rules, the Chinese Football Association is currently working on promoting the naturalization of players. It can be seen that it is only a matter of time before Jiang Guangtai and others formally represent the national football team. At the same time, the topic of naturalized players has once again become the focus of discussion among fans.


New express reporter Gao Jing

新快报记者 亚搏体育app客户端高静



   Jiang Guangtai (Tayas Browning) was born in Liverpool, England in 1994. His maternal grandfather Jiang Yingrong was from Jiangmen, Guangdong, and his mother was a Chinese born in Britain. In February last year, Jiang Guangtai officially joined Guangzhou Evergrande as the central defender on the field, and in September of the same year he obtained Chinese nationality, which gave him his Chinese name "Jiang Guangtai".

姜光泰(Tayas Browning)于1994年出生于英国利物浦。其祖父姜英荣来自广东江门,他的母亲是华裔,出生于英国。去年2月,蒋光泰正式加入广州恒大,成为该地区的中央后卫。同年9月,他获得中国国籍,并给他起了中文名“江光泰”。

   In fact, the current national football coached by Li Tie does need to supplement these naturalized players who are qualified to play. Take Jiang Guangtai as an example. This season, he has represented the Evergrande team in 11 games, averaging 4.5 clearances and 1.3 interceptions per game.


   In the game, Jiang Guangtai's frontal defense and ball guarding abilities have been fully demonstrated. At present, he has firmly occupied the position of Evergrande's starting center back. Evergrande coach Cannavaro said that Jiang Guangtai is very important to the team.


   By the end of the 13th round, Evergrande had conceded 12 goals, the second-lowest conceded team in Group A. The defense line formed by Jiang Guangtai and Park Zhisoo contributed to this statistic.


Nowadays, the center position of many teams in Asia is occupied by naturalized players. In the face of opponents with height, speed and strength, Jiang Guangtai's defensive ability is certainly useful in the national football team. He was born in Everton youth training. He will form a barrier in front of the goalkeeper.


  In comparison, Hou Yongyong and Xiao Taotao, the two frontcourt players, are still in the growth stage. If they contribute outstanding performance in the league, they will also have the opportunity to be recruited by the national football team.




So far, the non-blood naturalized players that can be used by the national football team are Exon, Alan, Luo Guofu and Fernando, and the blood naturalized players have Li Ke, plus Jiang Guangtai who will soon be eligible to play, I believe The overall strength of the national football naturally has a considerable improvement.


It is reported that the National Football Team will organize a short-term training camp in early October, and coach Li Tie will also conduct further inspections of the players. I believe that there will be many naturalized players in this training camp, and the players also need to improve their understanding. To prepare for the World Cup qualifiers next March.


   In addition, several foreign players represented by Teixeira who have played in the Chinese Super League for 5 years have met FIFA's naturalization conditions. If they obtain Chinese nationality, they are also eligible to represent the national football team. However, the various costs of naturalized players are huge. Under current conditions, it may be difficult for new naturalized players to join in the short term.


It is worth mentioning that Golat, who has obtained Chinese nationality, needs to wait until 2023 to be qualified to represent the national football team. In an interview with Brazilian media recently, he said that he did not consider returning to Brazil to play because there is a big project in China. Waiting for him.


   Goulart is now 29 years old, and whether he can maintain his current state in another three years is still a question.






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