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   On October 2nd, Beijing time, the defending champion Sebastian Munoz (Sebastian Munoz) found a happy memory at the Sanderson Farm Championship on Thursday.

北京时间10月2日,卫冕冠军塞巴斯蒂安·穆诺兹(Sebastian Munoz)在周四的桑德森农场冠军赛中留下了美好的回忆。

   Sebastian Mullos started the game quickly and almost went straight into the hole from the first hole. He caught 4 birdies on the back nine holes, shot 64, 8 under par, with Jimmy Walker (Jimmy Walker), Charley Hoffman (Charley Hoffman), Kevin-Cha Kevin Chappell took the first round lead together.

塞巴斯蒂安·穆洛斯(Sebastian Mullos)迅速开始比赛,几乎从第一个洞进入洞中。他在后9个洞抓到4个小鸟,与标准杆的吉米·沃克(Jimmy Walker),查理·霍夫曼(Charley Hoffman),凯文·查德·凯文·查佩尔(Kevin-Cha Kevin Chappell)并列首轮领先。

   Jackson Country Club has been very soft due to the recent heavy rain, but the greens are still very fast and the rolling is very real, and these have produced good scores. On the first day, 16 players scored 67 or less.


   "I don't know, I really like the energy of this place," Sebastian Mullos said. "I play well in this environment."

塞巴斯蒂安·穆洛斯(Sebastian Mullos)说:“我不知道,我真的很喜欢这个地方的能量。” “我在这种环境下表现不错。”

   The Colombian set off in the afternoon. He felt that good scores would appear frequently because when he set off he saw Jamie Walker and Charlie Hoffman hit 64, and there were many low shots behind them. Sebastian Mullos’ only bogey appeared on the ninth hole, when he tee-off into a mark, and the next shot went to the left of the green.

哥伦比亚人下午出发。他觉得好成绩会经常出现,因为他出发时看到Jamie Walker和Charlie Hoffman达到了64,而且背后还有很多低杆。塞巴斯蒂安·穆洛斯(Sebastian Mullos)的唯一柏忌出现在第九洞,当时他开球进入了一个标记,下一个镜头位于果岭的左侧。

   This error temporarily slowed his pace, but on the 13th hole he started rushing forward again and caught 4 birdies in a row, all within 6 feet.


   Jamie Walker is not in the best condition, not sure what to expect, especially since he missed two very short birdies at the beginning of the round. In contrast, he finally got his best start in more than two years. He played a round without bogeys. The eighth and last birdie captured on the eighth hole, even though the right side of his ball was stained with mud, and the wind was blowing from the right, and the flagstick was inserted again. right.

杰米·沃克(Jamie Walker)处于最佳状态,不确定该期待什么,特别是因为他在回合开始时错过了两只非常短的小鸟球。相比之下亚搏游戏,他终于在两年多的时间里有了最好的开端。他打了一轮没有柏忌。第八只也是最后一只小鸟在亚搏体育app客户端第八洞被俘获,尽管他的球的右侧沾满了泥,风从右侧吹来,旗杆再次插亚搏体育app客户端入。对。

   "I thought to myself: ‘I have to see if I’m correct.’ I ended up playing that way," Jamie Walker spread his hands as he spoke and gestured to a distance of 1 foot. "It's really good to end like that."

亚搏游戏“我对自己说:‘我必须看看我是否正确。’我最终还是那样玩。”杰米·沃克(Jamie Walker)说话并示意了1英尺的距离,张开了双手。 “结束那样的事真的很好。”

   Charlie Hoffman caught 9 birdies this round and swallowed 1 bogey.

查理·霍夫曼(Charlie Hoffman)在本轮抓下9个小鸟,吞下1个柏忌。

   Kevin Chapel feels like he is starting a new year. He received a major medical exemption for minimally invasive discectomy, and this exemption continues this season because the epidemic shortened the previous season. Kevin Chapel also encountered family problems. His wife had just given birth to a daughter, which prevented him from playing more matches.

凯文·查珀尔(Kevin Chapel)觉得他正在开始新的一年。他获得了微创椎间盘切除术的重大医疗豁免,并且由于流行病缩短了上一季节,因此该豁免在本赛季仍在继续。凯文·教堂(Kevin Chapel)也遇到家庭问题。他的妻子刚生下一个女儿,这使他无法参加更多比赛。

"When I came back, it was just a disservice. I made a bad schedule and performed badly. I might be back a little earlier," Kevin Chapel said. "But I feel that I am a little more down to earth now. I’m more comfortable on the road and when I’m far from my family. My focus is to enjoy and play good golf. The result will naturally appear."

凯文·查珀尔说:“当我回来时,这简直是一种伤害。我的日程安排很差,表现也不佳。我可能会早一点回来。” “但是我觉得我现在脚踏实地了。在旅途中以及远离家人的时候,我都更加舒适。我的重点是享受和打好高尔夫。结果自然会显现出来。”

   Since winning the U.S. PGA Championship at the Baltusrol Golf Club in 2016, Jamie Walker has not been very smooth. The following year, he contracted Lyme disease, and its impact exceeded that season. Since winning the Grand Slam, he has not won 88 games on the PGA Tour.

自2016年在Baltusrol高尔夫俱乐部赢得美国PGA锦标赛冠军以来,Jamie Walker一直不太顺利。次年,他患了莱姆病,其影响超过了那个季节。自赢得大满贯以来,他在美巡赛上没有赢得88场比赛。

   Recently, he suffered from tendinitis on his right elbow. He even felt pain when he took the club from the bag. At his home in Texas last week, Jamie Walker did a good job, and his fitness trainer also instructed him. Before the opening round, his practice was relaxed.

最近,他的右肘患有肌腱炎。当他从袋子里拿出球杆时,他甚至感到疼痛。上周,杰米·沃克(Jamie Walker)在得克萨斯州的家中做得很好,他的健身教练也指导他。开场前,他的练习很轻松。

"I always have problems with my left shoulder, but at the U.S. Open I had tendinitis again," Jamie Walker said. "I have no strength. But I got a good rest last week. My friend played a few nine holes. When I came here this week, the physical trainer and I had been training, and now I feel better."

杰米·沃克说:“我的左肩总是有问题,但是在美国公开赛上我又出现了肌腱炎。” “我没有力量。但是上周我休息得很好。我的朋友打了九洞球。本周当我来到这里时,我和体育教练一直在训练,现在我感觉好多了。”

   Putting also feels better. After two short putts missed, Jamie Walker realized that he needed to move the ball while standing. Then, he kept pushing 15-foot putts, one of which was a 25-foot putt, and another 10-foot para putt.


   Last time, Jamie Walker shot a 64 at the start of the PGA Tour, and it goes back to the AT&T Byron Nelson Championship in May 2018.

上次,杰米·沃克(Jamie Walker)在美国职业高尔夫球协会巡回赛开始时打出64杆,并于2018年5月回到AT&T拜伦·尼尔森锦标赛(AT&T Byron Nelson Championship)。

   Canadian player Michael Gligic scored 65 and tied for fifth place with MJ Daffue.

加拿大选手Michael Gligic得分65,并与MJ Daffue并列第五。

   A total of 5 players shot 66, tied for seventh place, including Grand Slam champion Keegan Bradley (Keegan Bradley).

共有5名选手打出66杆,并列第七名,其中包括大满贯冠军基冈·布拉德利(Keegan Bradley)。

   Garcia fell out of the top 50 in the world for the first time since 2011, playing this event for the first time, surrendering 68. Stewart Cink shot 69. This is his first participation in the season opener Xi Reciprocity Open after achieving his first win since 2009.

加西亚(Garcia)自2011年以来首次跌出世界前50名,首次参加此项赛事,投降68。斯图尔特·辛克(Stewart Cink)射门69。这是他首次夺冠后参加季前公开赛Xi Reciprocity Open。自2009年以来。

Chinese Taipei player Pan Zhengcong caught two birdies on the 9th hole, including a 50-foot birdie on the 9th hole. He bounced back from a total of 3 shots on the 15th and 16th holes, and shot 70, the first in 10 years. Henrik Stenson was tied for 39th.


   Chinese player Zhang Xinjun scored 73 with 2 birdies and 3 bogeys, tied for 106th.








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