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   Asked which team was the most disappointing this season. In addition to the Clippers and Pelicans, there may be many people who will choose the Kings. As one of the teams eligible to participate in the rematch, they lost early in the playoffs, and finally ranked 12th in the West with 31 wins and 41 losses. The boss was very angry with this ending, and the consequences were serious.


   During this long offseason, the King experienced an "earthquake" from top to bottom. General Manager Divac and Deputy General Manager Peja resigned successively. In fact, the record is only the last straw for the two to leave get out of class. As early as the draft, the Kings boss was extremely dissatisfied with Divac because he missed Doncic.

在漫长的休赛期中,国王上下经历了一次“地震”。 Divac总经理和Peja副总经理先后辞职。实际上,唱片只是两个人离开课堂的最后一根稻草。早在选秀大会上,国王的上司对迪瓦茨就非常不满意,因为他错过了唐西奇。

   Although the management has been fired, according to reporter James Ham, coach Luke Wharton will continue to coach next season. Ming Kee Sam Amick revealed that the main reason for Walton's stay is money, and his contract with the Kings will not expire until the 2022-23 season. It is worth mentioning that Walton was also selected by Divac.

据记者詹姆斯·汉姆(James Ham)称,尽管管理层已被解雇,但教练卢克·沃顿(Luke Wharton)将在下个赛季继续执教。明基山姆·阿米克(Ming Kee Sam Amick)透露,沃尔顿留下来的主要原因是金钱,他与国王队的合同要到2022-23赛季才能到期。值得一提的是,沃尔顿也被Divac选中。

  Wharton's retention caused dissatisfaction among some players, especially Buddy Hild. According to news from several reporters, Hilde will consider publicly requesting a deal from 亚搏游戏the King during the offseason. Hild's current role as the sixth man in the team makes him feel frustrated.


   This season, Hilder played 72 games for the Kings, averaging 30.8 minutes per game, scoring 19.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3 assists, shooting 42.9% from the field and 39.4% from the three-point range. As the top two players in the team in time and scoring, he is defined as the sixth man by the coach, and it may not be satisfactory to change to someone else.


   In October 2019, Hilde and the team reached a four-year $94 million renewal contract. Through bonus stacking, the maximum amount of this contract can reach $106 million. Sam Amick analyzed that if Hilder continues to play the sixth man, it will be difficult for him to get the bonus in the contract.

2019年10月,希尔德和团队达成了为期四年的9400万美元的续约合同。通过奖金叠加,该合同的最高金额可以达到1.06亿美元。山姆·阿米克(Sam Amick)分析说,如果希尔德(Hilder)继续扮演第六人,那么他将很难获得合同中的奖金。

   The contradiction between Hilde and Wharton has a long history. In February of this year, Hilde publicly complained to the media that he was not being reused: "If they have confidence in me, why am I on the bench in the last 5 minutes?"


On March 9th, the Kings lost 113-118 at home to the Raptors. Hilde was abandoned again at a critical moment. The Kings fans were anxious to scream: "Walton, you idiot, your team has a three-point contest champion. , Let him play, where is Buddy Hild?" The c亚搏游戏urse was so loud that it could be heard clearly on TV.


   Hilde’s problem here has not been solved yet, Sam Amick has revealed that Bogdanovic is also considering leaving the king. But next season he is a restricted free agent. The Kings have 48 hours to match his contract. Unless a team is willing to give a larger contract, Bogdan will not be so easy to leave.

希尔德(Hilde)的问题尚未解决,萨姆·阿米克(Sam Amick)透露,博格达诺维奇(Bogdanovic)也正在考虑离开国王。但是下个赛季他是一名受限制的自由球员。国王队有48小时与他的合同相符。除非一个团队愿意提供更大的合同,否则博格丹将不会那么容易离开。

   This season, Bogdan played in 61 games, averaging 15.1 points, 3.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game, shooting 44% from the field and 37.2% from the three-point range. Together, he and Hilde can contribute 6.5 three-pointers per game. The two are ranked second and third in the team in scoring, but they are both substitutes.


   The generals are not harmonious, the military spirit is unstable, and the lineup is unreasonable. These are not problems that can be solved by changing a general manager. Counting this season, the Kings have not tasted the playoffs in 14 seasons. They still have a long way to go if they want to return to the old western powerhouse.






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