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Tiger Fight, October 19, Barcelona coach Koeman attended the UEFA Champions League group match press conference in Ferencvaros


I think any week is very important. Tomorrow is the Champions League. We hope to have a good start, win victory, and start this week with peace of mind. We know that this game is very important and difficult, and we hope to get a good start at home.


As players and coaches, we always have a lot of pressure. We now all know the current situation of the club, as well as the internal and external situation, which cannot affect us. We are now accustomed to the current situation, and the players are also adapting to our brand new tactics and ideas. It is important to have some ups and downs at this time, and the game tomorrow is very important. Now we need to be down to earth step by step, which is also the most important.


I think Dembele is still working hard,


I also said that we need to create space and give him more open space, and Dembele also played well in the second half. Dembele needs to work hard to win playing time. Our frontcourt is highly competitive and about 6-7 players can play.

我还说过,我们需要创造空间并给他更多的开放空间,而登贝莱在下半场的表现也不错。 Dembele需要努力工作才能赢得比赛时间。我们的前场竞争非常激烈,大约有6-7名玩家可以玩。



, But I think Messi is still very dedicated and focused in training every day. He works very hard as the captain. I am not dissatisfied with that. Of course, luck is not very good, like the goal posts of the last game. But I have nothing to worry about or doubt about Messi. I think Messi will perform better in the future.


We scored 8 goals in 4 games. I don’t know if there is any team in La Liga that can do this. (Translator's Note: Atletico Madrid also scored 8 goals in 4 games). Easy, for example with Sevilla, Celta, Getafe, I am not worried, I have enough confidence in our striker.

我们在4场比赛中攻入8球。我不知道西甲有没有一支球队可以做到这一点。 (译者注:马德里竞技在4场比赛中也攻入8球)。轻松,例如与塞维利亚,塞尔塔,赫塔菲,我并不担心,我对我们的前锋有足够的信心。

No, I am not disappointed with the players. Everyone is still working hard. Of course we can do better and the intensity of the game can be stronger. But we worked very hard. The result of the last game was not satisfactory, but we did not have time to be downhearted. We need to prepare for tomorrow's game. Of course, sometimes we may criticize the players and we may have conversations with the players, but for the players who go all out, I have nothing to disappoint.


I don’t know, because I’m not here, some of the previous players, coaches, we don’t know what happened, so I can’t comment.


Of course, I always say not to look at age, but to look at the performance of players. Of course, our competition is fierce. I am very satisfied with the performance of Pedri and Fati. Although they are young and may have ups and downs, we need to help them to make their performance more stable.


I think he still works very hard, and Griezmann can perform better in the frontcourt.


I think the goal of Barcelona has always been to win the championship, whether it is the Champions League or the league. But we have a lot of opponents, Barcelona need to prove their strength


Tomorrow’s match against Ferencvaros will not be easy at first, we know their ability to fight,


First of all, this is not a problem in La Liga. In the Bundesliga, Premier League, and Serie A, such problems are happening. Under the current circumstances, everyone has suffered losses and there are no fans at home. We must know that if there are 90,000 fans at home, this is a completely different situation. This is very strange and very different.


This is not only La Liga,






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