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【亚搏游戏】勒布朗25+10+8失误8次平纪录 独力带队追分太难

Netease Sports reported on October 5:


October 5, Beijing time,


He achieved multiple milestones today, including the number of assists in the playoffs, surpassing Stockton to become the second in history, and the number of blocked shots in the finals to the sixth in history. But his turnovers also tied the personal record in the finals.


The Lakers won the first two games relatively easily, but LeBron did not allow the Lakers to take it lightly. At the beginning of today, LeBron assisted Howard to score a dunk, and then continued to hold the ball to pressure the inside. At 9 minutes and 15 s亚搏体育app客户端econds, he also capped Herro's layup, and a minute later, he met Howard. The Lakers' first 8 points were all related to him.


But the Lakers made 3 consecutive turnovers, giving the Heat a chance to counterattack and making them very passive. With 7 turnovers in the half quarter, it is no wonder the Lakers only scored 9 points. Until 3:28 seconds LeBron made a foul free throw, the Lakers finally ended the scoring shortage.


At 2 minutes and 21 sec亚搏体育app客户端onds, Kuzma hit a three-pointer. This is the first time the Lakers have not directly created LeBron. Fortunately, the Lakers' bench is obviously better than the starting form. Under their catch-up, the Lakers are only 3 points behind in the first quarter. LeBron scored 8 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists, and made 4 turnovers. In such a passive situation, they also hit +1 efficiency. Value is not easy.


In the second quarter, LeBron once achieved a lead with a substitute, but when he rested, the Heat still regained the initiative. After the Heat's 9-0 wave, the Lakers replaced LeBron with 4 minutes and 33 seconds. He broke through and made a foul in the counterattack. After completing 2+1, the Lakers were still 4 points behind.

在第二季度,勒布朗曾经以替补身份取得领先,但是当他休息时,热火仍然重新获得了主动权。在热火的9-0浪潮之后,湖人队用4分33秒取代了勒布朗。他突破并在反击中犯规。在完成2 + 1之后,湖人仍然落后4分。

With LeBron's creation, the Lakers at least no longer fall into a scoring drought. One minute before halftime, LeBron not only made a three-pointer, but also assisted JR-Smith, who had been out of the game for a long time, on the outside. LeBron made the first half. He scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists on 5 of 7 shots in the field. The efficiency value of the other four starts was only -54.


At the beginning of the second half, LeBron and Davis didn't make a shot from the outside. The Lakers were beaten 10-0 and scored four minutes without a point. But in the second half of the quarter, Davis finally woke up. LeBron only scored 2 points before the break. But Davis took up the offense and narrowed the point difference to single digits. After LeBron returned at the end of the season, he was still The last 2.9 seconds to make a layup, the Lakers are only 5 points behind after three quarters.


At 11 minutes and 05 seconds of the fourth quarter, LeBron accelerated with the ball outside the basket, resulting in 2+1. Subsequently, LeBron continuously assisted Morris to score goals from the outside, and then cooperated with Rondo at 8 minutes and 54 seconds. He alone created a wave of 11-4 lead scores.

在第四节的第11分零5秒,勒布朗用球在篮筐外加速,结果为2 + 1。随后,勒布朗不断协助莫里斯从外界得分,然后在8分54秒与朗多合作。仅他一个人就创造了11-4分的领先优势。

But since then, the Heat fought back under the leadership of Butler and Olynik. It is still difficult for the Lakers to really take the initiative, and the time left is getting less and less. LeBr亚搏体育app客户端on was blown away at 6 minutes and 13 seconds, which made him very upset and surprised many reporters. At 5 minutes and 05 seconds, LeBron missed a three-pointer, and passed the ball out of bounds half a minute later.


LeBron spammed with Butler more than once in the game, and at 3:19, he was called a foul when defending Butler breakthrough, and he also expressed dissatisfaction. The Lakers trailed by 8 points in the last 3 minutes. As a r亚搏体育app客户端esult, LeBron was intercepted at 2:45. Coupled with Butler's super power, the Lakers are already very difficult to chase points.


At 1 minute and 07 seconds, LeBron broke through and dunked successfully, but He Roman returned a 2+1. Then LeBron didn't make an outside shot, and the Lakers were gone.

在1分零7秒时,勒布朗突破并成功扣篮,但赫曼·罗曼返回2 + 1。然后勒布朗没有开外线,湖人就走了。





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